How was your Deer hunting season ?

With Most of the 2021 Deer Hunting Seasons finishing up or already over, how did you do?

Did you reach your goal? What was your goal?

The Team at Bigfoot Charlie did "OK" depending on who they hunted with and the criteria they set for themselves.

There are six of us at Bigfoot Charlie and we each went our separate ways for the Wisconsin Gun Season in 2021. While some of us hunt the lower third of the state where deer are very plentiful due to the large number of farms and "free food" available for the deer, the rest of us hunt the northern two-thirds of the state where the further north you go, the less deer you'll see.

Since the closing of the gun deer season there have been a fair number of hunters stating that they only saw a small percentage of the deer in 2021 where previously they had seen more deer years prior.

Wolves and the mis-management of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are the main culprits according to many. Some are still trying to blame the onboarding of Crossbows into the state's deer hunting arsenal while others are blaming the continuation of extra hunting seasons every year for youth hunting and extra doe "Holiday Hunt's". No matter where you turn, everybody has their opinion on why the hunting was poor and I'm sure there will be more opinions next year as well.

Where does the complaining end? Couldn't the lack of deer numbers be due to other factors?

What about hunters that normally used baiting as a means for hunting are no longer allowed to use this method and now are not sure how to hunt? Maybe hunters are sitting in the same old stand year after year and the deer have them figured out in their "normal" spot? There are always several factors that come into play which many hunters don't care to point out as it would incriminate themselves as being lazy and or not adjusting to the environment around them.

Are they moving around or sitting still? Was the weather warm enough to keep deer from moving? Did the hunter scout the area or just hunt a ridgeline because they could see for a long distance and have shot deer from that spot before? How much effort was actually put into the hunt this year?

As for me, I was able to kill 2 bucks this year. One while rifle hunting in the Northern third of the state and another during the first week of November while bowhunting the lower third of the state.

My bowhunting effort was a total of 3 hours total. My job kept me busy every day (7 days a week) until the first week in November. I went out on a Wednesday night to scout a field at dusk to see where the deer were entering and exiting a particular piece of land I was hunting. After an hour, I saw some deer entering through their normal corridor as they have done for several years and left the area immediately as to not disturb it for tomorrow's hunt.

Thursday I left work a little early to get home and get ready to hunt. I only had some tall marsh grass to hide in as the deer come out of a swamp. I got to where I felt would be a good shooting distance, but also left me enough cover to seal the deal when the time came.

Within about an hour of waiting, I saw antlers coming through the brush to the right of me. I raised my bow and followed the small 8 point buck as he passed in front of me. When he was broadside at 20 yards, I let my arrow fly for a double lung shot. He only ran for about 40 yards before he looked back at me to see what the heck just happened.

Within seconds he started to lose his balance and withing a minute of me releasing my arrow, the buck had expired.

Now don't get me wrong, I have never had a "3 hour" season before and probably never will again. This year just happened to go that way.

As far as how my gun season went? Well that's a different story and one for another full article of "Murphys Law of Deer Hunting".

But to paraphrase an entire gun season: my new Gun Deer Camp was as great and filled with as many memories as one could ask for.

I was able to kill a small six point buck and the rest of the camp combined took 2 bucks and 2 does with six hunters.

We didn't see many deer in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, but we knew we wouldn't. For several years there have been no doe tags available for hunters and judging by the number of wolves seen on our trail cameras, it's no wonder why.

My hunting goals in 2021 were to make sure that I first had some meat for the freezer and then to rejoin a gun deer camp in the northwoods of Wisconsin as I was a part of one many years ago. I missed the camaraderie of the Deer Camp.

How was your Deer Season? Did you accomplish the goals that you wanted? Let us know in the comments..

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